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Ice And Water
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Ice And Water

This is a game called “Ice and Water” where the “Water” players have to run around and avoid “Ice” in order not to be frozen. “Ice” has to try to touch and freeze all the “Water” to win. A “Water” can touch a frozen “Water” to save him/her.
Ice Controls:

W,S,A,D – Up, Down, Left, Right

Special Skills:

Z to clone
X to close the blue doors
C to open some locked doors
V to vibrate the screen

1 to become INVINCIBLE (no powers can damage you)
2 to turn normal again

Space to spawn a text (for fun)
Ctrl to spawn a different text (for fun)

Water 1 Controls:

Arrow Keys for Up Down Left Right

Special Skills:

0 to become a small black dot
3 to become normal
. to shoot bullets

Tip: Water 1 can go through some locked walls and turn them blue again

Water 2 Controls:

T,G,F,H – Up, Down, Left, Right

Special Skills:

J to shoot bullets to destroy ice clones
/ to spawn a text

Tip: When Water 1 touches text by Water 2, the text will become a computer player. Ice cannot touch this new computer player.

Have fun!!! 🙂

Ice And Water Screen Shots:

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